Become a volunteer or help out with an event

North Lochs Community Association manage the North Lochs Community Centre and support the community through various projects/activities.

All this would not be possible if we didn’t have volunteers.  Volunteers are people who contribute their time and skills to support us with the running of the community centre, events and projects.

Volunteering with NLCA has many rewards, you meet new people, increase your confidence, gain experience, learn new skills and have the satisfaction of contributing towards your community.

Part of our ethos is that volunteering with us is fun, rewarding and stress free; to help us achieve this, you decide the amount of time and help you can offer, all efforts are appreciated.

We were delighted to welcome new volunteers after the pandemic and now that events and projects are taking place once more, we would like to renew our volunteer/helper list information as circumstances may have changed for those on our current list or those who have previously been unable to help.

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