As the North Lochs Community Association attempts to refurbish the North Lochs Community Centre, in the midst of a Global Pandemic, it is important that we all both support them and also take time to look back at those who played their part in getting the North Lochs Community Centre to this stage.  Without those who were on the Community Association over the last five decades or so we could not be preparing to improve this facility at the moment.  Their hard work and endeavour needs to be recognised, appreciated and never forgotten by those of us who now carry on with the good work of strengthening and developing our community.

The North Lochs Community Association was formally constituted at a Public Meeting held at 8pm on the 3rd of December 1973 in Leurbost School.  The following Office Bearers were elected to serve for the year 1973-74:


Chairman: Mr. J R Mackenzie, 13 Grimshader.

This was” Iain Rob” who lived in Grimshader in the 1970’s before moving to Inverness in 1986.  Having been a captain in the Merchant Navy he worked then as a Navigation lecturer in the Lews Castle College before moving to the mainland.

Vice – Chairman: Mr.  Peter Hopkins, Schoolhouse, Leurbost

Peter Hopkins was a biology teacher who worked in The Nicolson Institute and lived in the old Leurbost Schoolhouse, which was situated where Kennedy View is today.  He was a very keen ornithologist and spent many hours bird watching around the island.

Secretary:  Dr. Annie Murray, “Repose” 32 Crossbost

Annie was a Professor of Gaelic at Aberdeen University in the 1950’s and 60’s and was the editor of the book Orain Iain Luim, (The songs of John Macdonald, The Bard of Keppoch).

Photo:  Dr. Annie Murray with her husband Dr. DR Murray.

Treasurer:  Mr. Finlay Morrison, 44 Crossbost.

Finlay worked for Scottish Hydro in Stornoway and also served as councillor for the North Lochs ward between 1997 and 2003.

The Committee members were as follows:

Mrs. Macrae, Post Office, Achmore

Mr. D. Macinnes, 20 Achmore

Mr. KA Maclean, 19 Crossbost.

Miss Jessie Macleod, 26 Crossbost.

Mrs Peggy Mackinnon, “Cnoc-an-Tuim”, Grimshader.

Mrs Peggy Macdonald, 12 Grimshader

Mrs CM Macrae, 48 Leurbost.